The pair walked over to join the blonde girl, giggling as they came. I couldn't help but check them out as they came to join us. A medium height girl with glossy red hair and huge brown eyes and a second blonde, taller than the other two with pale blue eyes. They were both beautiful, the red head was stunning, the blonde to die for.

"So which one of you is the hen?" I asked.

The girls burst out giggling, obviously having started drinking earlier in the day.

"Me." The tall blonde replied.

Her cheeks flushed red in embarrassment. She seemed to be the shy one of the trio. Throughout the sale the girls were friendly and chatty but she remained relatively quiet, letting her friends do all the talking.

"So what have you got planned for tonight?" I asked as I finished the sale.

"Well we're not too sure." The red head replied. "We don't really know York very well and we were just going around to see the sights and have a few drinks before heading back to the hotel."

"Is that it?" I asked, slightly shocked.

"Well we could do with a guide." The red head replied, winking at me.

I could feel my cheeks burning at the suggestion and immediately forced my embarrassment down.

"Well I know a few places I could show you." I answered, quickly recovering.

The girls once again burst into fits of giggles, exchanging knowing looks with one another.

"Good, what time do you finish?" The blonde asked me, turning to face the hen. "And you don't mind if he comes along with us do you Sophie?"

The hen, Sophie, smiled at me then started giggling, setting the trio off once again.

"Sounds fun." She said, her cheeks even redder than mine.

"Good." The blonde replied. "I'm Jen by the way and my not so subtle friend is Becky and Sophie is our hen."

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