It took almost all of his will power to stay sat where he was. Time and time again he'd almost stood up and made a run for it. Fantasying was one thing but following through on those fantasies was completely different. The thought had crossed his mind that no one would show or that if they did they would be completely different people to the couple he'd seen in the pictures.

They were slightly older than himself at twenty eight and absolutely gorgeous. Nikki was raven haired with beautiful big dark eyes and an amazing pair of breasts. She was slightly chubby but it suited her. Scott was tall and slim with wavy brown hair and green eyes. Michael could only hope that they were real and that this wasn't some kind of joke.

As time went by his impatience began to get the better of him. They were half an hour late now and he couldn't shake the feeling that they weren't going to show up. Still he waited, ordering another drink to wash away his nerves.

"Mike?" A woman's voice asked behind him.

Michael turned to face the woman, recognizing Nikki instantly. His lips curled into a smile, happy to see that they'd shown up after all.

"Nikki!" He replied in surprise.

"Sorry we're late, traffic was an absolute nightmare. Scott's just parking the car now, he shouldn't be long."

Michael climbed from his seat and was immediately pulled into a hug by Nikki. Her head came to his chest, her breasts pressing against him in their warm embrace. She let go, stepping back and smiling at him, those deep dark eyes capturing his gaze.

"Don't worry about it." He said politely. "Can I get you a drink?"

"Sure." She answered. "I'll have a vodka and orange and can you get Scott water? He's our designated driver for the evening." She said, laughing as she did.

Michael went back to the bar to grab the drinks leaving Nikki to find a place for them to sit in relative comfort and privacy. A few minutes later, armed with the drinks, Michael went in search for Nikki, finding her sat with Scott at a table in the corner of the bar. As he reached the table Scott stood up to meet him, shaking his hand once Michael had put the drinks down.

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