My Neighbors Daughter

Part Two

James Snow

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Copyright 2012 James Snow

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Tom Jenson pulled up at the gym, parking his car in a free space. He needed to blow off some steam. His mind was overburdened, confused with the past week's events. Thankfully he was no longer dwelling on his break up with his longtime partner but now something even more confusing played on his mind. The neighbors daughter.

He couldn't help but think about that night with Amy. It had been fantastic, mind blowing, simply amazing. It was wrong on so many levels but he couldn't help but crave more. She was too young for him but still he wanted her. He wanted to be with her and spend time with her but he knew deep down that could never happen. What had happened between them was a one off. She clearly thought so.

He hadn't heard from her or seen her since the morning after. She'd simply disappeared. No calls, no texts, nothing. She'd obviously realized what they had done was a mistake and moved on, forgetting about what had happened. In a way he was glad that she'd chosen to break it off before it began, it saved a lot of long term trouble that way.

He put Amy from his mind as he entered the gym. This place was his sanctuary, his place of comfort and retreat. It was also the first place he'd come to discover what Amy had become. That time in the sauna, seeing her in her little bikini still played on his mind. He remembered the curve of her breasts, the tightness of her toned body.

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