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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: “Placenta Accreta” by Marion Toepke McLean

Chapter 2: “The Care and Keeping of Placentas” by Jodi Selander

Chapter 3: “Cord Burning” by Kelly Dunn

Chapter 4: “Placenta Medicine: My Story” by Tiffany Rosenbrock

Chapter 5: “On Meconium at Home and Delayed Cord-cutting” by Naolí Vinaver

Chapter 6: “Placenta Rituals and Folklore from Around the World” by Sarah J. Buckley

Chapter 7: “Placentophagia: Stir-fry, Smoothie or Raw?” by Wendy Lubell-Snyder, with Tammi McKinley

Chapter 8: “Third Stage of Labor: Hands Off and Have Patience” by Christy Fiscer

Chapter 9: “The Bridge of Life: Options for Placentas” by Kelly Graff

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