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Broken Shadow

Short Story

By: Aram Sheikhwasany

That girl is sightless, living her life depends on fortune telling.” She makes a livelihood out of fortune-telling.

Today, I decided to change my outlook and take a visit to the city’s public park. Although going out in this state of my physical condition may not be the best for me I have simply tired of staying at home all the time.. It would be better for me to breathe some warm fresh air and have a change of scenery, apart from the four white walls of home(my bedroom). Initially, I was a bit worried; but then, I was sure that nothing else would happen. I got myself together and put my glasses in my pocket. Upon heading out the door, I saw our next-door neighbor standing in front of his home. As soon as I opened the door, he stared at me. Normally, As I would normally greet our neighbor, I said “Hi” (Slaw). Our neighbor responded “Hi, look at how you are going out and about - so nicely and steadily - It looks you have recovered from your back pain?”

I was in no mood to answer that question. Hesitantly, I said “I am bored at home. I want to go for a walk”

No worries! You look great, you look relaxed” the neighbor said.

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