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June hadn’t expected to be spending her sophomore summer of college at home, but that’s exactly where she was headed, to her parent’s house in blistering hot Chandler, Arizona. She hadn’t been home all year, and would have spent the summer break getting drunk with her friends if Chad hadn’t ruined it by breaking up with her. They’d argued over who should drop out of the planned extended vacation, but in the end June had been the one to bow out, her heart too broken to fight with him any longer. He’d ruined everything, and now not only was she boyfriendless, but she had no friends back home to help keep her occupied while she got over the breakup.

It was only late may, but the temperature in Arizona today soared well over the hundred degree mark. June winced as she drove up main street, taking note that absolutely nothing had changed in the year she hadn’t been home. The buildings were just as weathered with age, and unlike Miami there were no throngs of young twenty-somethings milling about, just simply enjoying the day. Even a trip to the mall to buff up her wardrobe for next school year didn’t sound appealing. Going anywhere like that alone seemed as forlorn as being single and boyfriendless.

June tried to put the thought from her mind as she turned onto Dixie Lane, her eyes rolling at the abundance of lawn ornaments decorating their neighbors front yard. The Grady’s had added at least ten more since she’d last been here, and the place was starting to look like a Halloween Christmas special all jammed into one. Her parent’ split level house still looked the same though, but both of her parents cars were missing from the open two car garage. June frowned as she pulled into the space just under her little brother’s old basketball court. Her parents never left the garage open unless they were home, and her little brother should have been in school. He’d just turned eighteen last month, but he wouldn’t graduate for another few weeks, and he would never skip. He was the exact opposite of June, bookish, never had a girlfriend, and happy to follow their parents every rule.

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