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The following are gratefully acknowledged for their contribution to Last Hurrah. Some are known; some unknown. Some names are real; some not. I thank them all - when their country called, they gave everything.


Wiggins, L. R. Colonel, US Army

Murray, M. Lieutenant Colonel, US Army

Barber, Sergeant, 502d MI Bn

Ivy, W.R. First Lieutenant, 502d MI Bn – Army Ranger 2nd Bn

Shephard, A., US Army MI

Salvant, L., 4th. MI

Overaker, A., 4th. MI

Richards, A.K., US

Church, K., 502d MI Bn

Semft, G., US MI

Smith, A., 502d MI Bn

Bare, R., CIA

Holland, Dan R. Colonel, USMC

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