The Compost Boy

By K.L. MacRoach


Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 K.L. MacRoach

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Once upon a time, in a faraway land called Pitchy-Pitchy Valley, lived a young boy by the name of Patricius. Patricius lived in a small neighbourhood in Pitchy-Pitchy Valley known as Porcupine Place, which was owned by the fabulously wealthy Ms. Peachtree. Patricius was a Compost Boy; this meant that every day, from dawn until dusk, Patricius took the compost from the townspeople's homes and delivered it to the large compost pile just outside of the village. For in Pitchy-Pitchy Valley, recycling is mandatory, under pain of death.

Taking out the compost, unfortunately, is not a pleasant job, and the citizens of Porcupine place would often laugh at Patricius, pelting him with rotten fruits and vegetables.

However dirty and unpleasant his job was, Patricius loved being a Compost Boy. Or, rather, he loved seeing and talking to the beautiful landscaping girl who worked for Ms. Peachtree. Patricius wasn't quite sure why he liked seeing and talking to the landscaping girl as much as he did. Perhaps, it was because of the beautiful flowers she grew; or maybe, it was because of her lovely smile. I think the reason Patricius liked best, was that when she told him that being a Compost Boy was the best job in the entire world, he believed her. Patricius grew to love Petunia, for that was the landscaping lady's name, and decided to ask for her hand in marriage.

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