Dating Tips: Surefire Suggestions On How To Become Expert In Dating

By Stephen Williams

SmashWords Edition

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Once out of High-School/ College, people tend to hang out in the same circles. And that's where the trying-hard-to-get-a-date-with-someone begins. Truth is that dating, like anything, needs practice. And practice makes perfect. And some day, you'll be amazed how natural it will be to ask someone out and find out not only that they're great people, but that they might actually be THE ONE.Shy? We bet even movie stars are nervous sometimes. Of course, dating doesn't happen to them same as to us, but nevertheless, sometimes, they are plain human beings with flaws and qualities. And that's what we usually see in tabloids: paparazzi catching glimpses of the perfectly normal and sometimes less than average stars.Before searching for your prince/princess, learn that Cinderella is not just a story. You need to feel a million bucks in order to attract your perfect match. And that doesn't mean being perfect, but being perfectly at easy with what you are. And most importantly, accepting what you are not, so that you know where some work needs to be done. And that's the key in every field, after all: setting higher goals. Feel good, look good. Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder, no matter what beauty magazines say. You will most likely never look like the fashion models. Because not even they look like themselves, considering how much computer-editing is done behind the scenes and considering how many make-up artists work to get that doll-like figure. Of course, naturally beautiful people DO exist. But beauty has always been a rather subjective concept, so don't rely on what the media says is beautiful.Open the gates to a new era in your love life! Get to spend the end of the world party with someone you care about!. Enter this summer of love! It's easier than it looks: all you need is a little self-confidence and the desire of having as much fun as possible! Get out and meet people! Socialize! The love of your life might be looking for you too! Fairytales may be just fairytales, but they say every legend has its kernel of truth. Make this summer the best one yet and date those sexy girls and sexy boys at the beach.

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