Gary Lumpp

For Mom and Dad

Copyright 2012, Gary Lumpp, All Rights Reserved

Smashwords Edition


Nathan Claymore wanted nothing more than to live a normal life. Unfortunately that wasn’t meant to be, as only hours after being born both of his parents and everyone else in the hospital were killed in a tragic explosion. Only Nathan survived, and eventually he went to live with who he believed to be his grandfather, Gramp, and his caretaker Tina. What Nathan didn’t know was his destiny. Nathan Claymore would be the person who destroyed the world.

Gramp taught Nathan how to be a good person and Tina trained him how to fight. Nathan seemed to have escaped the cursed life he seemed destined to live. With the help of his friends Diz and Marty, Nathan was on his way to graduating high school with honors and heading off into a world filled with challenges. It would be a world where a collective of corporations known as the Conglomerate was quickly establishing itself as the only choice for products and services, due mainly in part to their mysterious discovery of a new source of energy.

The arrival of a new substitute teacher named Trent Nocen rocked Nathan’s world. Trent took a shine to young Nathan, but not just because of his potential as a student. The substitute believed that Nathan had an amazing power dwelling inside him, and with Trent’s help he could unleash it. That energy source? The human soul, also known as the soulcore. Everyone has a fire burning deep down inside, the difference between life and death; some call it a soul, others a life force. While every living creature has this Soulcore, there are some whose fire burns brighter and hotter than others. Someone who has survived a deadly accident like Nathan did as an infant may have unknowingly absorbed the soulcore of the deceased around them. That energy builds up inside a person, and with the proper training it can be released.

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