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The Men Behind Mob Wives: Salvatore “Sally Dogs” Lombardi

Angela Patterson

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Biography Of Salvatore “Sally Dogs” Lombardi

Salvatore “Sally Dogs” Lombardi (b. March 5, 1940) was low-key capo of the Genovese Crime Family. Even though he held the capo position within the highest profile criminal family in New York, Salvatore Lombardi is not very well known, publicly. He lived in Brooklyn and he and his crew members operated out of the Gravesend section. It's believed that after the death of Frank “Casina” Cucola in 1975, Lombardi inherited the old Ray DeCarlo crew. This crew has always had members based in Brooklyn and New Jersey.

Salvatore was allegedly involved heavily in narcotics. He served his time in jail for his involvement in various criminal activities. In June 1967, it was reported that three members of Brooklyn's Gallo Profaci Gang were sentenced to Sing Sing Prison in County Court. Salvatore Lombardi, 27, Vincent Ciraolo, 37 and Alfonso Serrantonio, 28 were all convicted for charges related to their involvement in the burglary of $30,000 worth of men suits from an Eastchester store. The robbery had occurred two years earlier.

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