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Marine Electrics Made Simple

Or How to Keep the Batteries Charged.

John Champion

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 John Champion

Chapter 1. How much energy do you need?

The wind is free and yachts use this energy to get around. A good deal when you consider the amount of fuel necessary to get up the coast or make a passage, never mind a circumnavigation. Additional energy however is still required to make a yacht comfortable and convenient. Electricity is the ideal stuff for this and we rely on it to run fridges, autopilots, lights, navigation equipment and plenty more.

Generating, storing and distributing electricity on a yacht is no easy feat and the more gear we add the more complex and critical it becomes. If we are tying up in the marina most of the time the task is easier, shore power will supply the solution but a cruising boat needs to be largely self sufficient in this area. Easier said than done and a properly balanced DC electrical system will set you back a good many bucks. Initially costly yes, but cheaper in the long term and far better for your sanity. I wonder how many cruising dreams and relationships have soured because of power related boat problems? No lights, a fridge full of spoiled food, no music, no showers and maybe no engine when it was really needed.

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