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Isa walked along the street with her head down. She snuggled deeper into her heavy overcoat as she went. It was so cold it felt like it was about to snow again. Despite the chill weather the city streets were packed with people all looking for a good time, something to excite them and make them forget their mundane existences, just like every other night on Teklas. It was that quest for something different, for a little hope, for something better, that kept food in Isa’s stomach these days.

Teklas was originally a mining and industrial colony which over the last ten years had seen a booming economy. A strong economy meant more money and more money meant more people came to Teklas. Like everything else in life the boom did not last forever and Isa for one had been feeling the pinch for some time now.

Isa stopped at a neon drenched street corner and waited patiently for the pedestrian signal to change. As she stood waiting another woman stepped up and stood close beside her. She was in her mid twenties much like Isa, though a head taller and not as slim or athletic.

Isa glanced sideways at the woman, but said nothing, they had to be careful not to look too obvious. Plain clothes cops weren’t the only things you had to worry about when working the streets.

The traffic on the street finally came to a halt and Isa crossed, with the other woman keeping pace beside her.

“Do you have them?” the woman asked quietly as they walked.

“Yes,” replied Isa discreetly. “Have you scouted out the block yet Tara?”

“I did this one and two either side, looks like we’re going to just have to keep our eyes open and stay on the move tonight. I saw at least three pairs of beat cops.”

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