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Steven D. Bennett

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2014 by Steven D. Bennett


If you enjoy my free writings on Smashwords, consider purchasing Thadeus Cochran Comes to Town, my new novel which presents a new genre in fiction, the Spiritual Mystery. Thadeus Cochran, led by faith and futures, comes to the small Connecticut town of Newbury to solve a murder, one that has yet to occur. As he meanders the maze, faces fall into his path as if puzzle pieces. When the inevitable murder does occur, he finds his own frailties and failings as big a stumbling block to finding the killer as the varied townspeople who stand in his way. Thadeus Cochran Comes to Town will be the quickest 100,000 words you will ever read and a book you will come back to time and again.

First Cup

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