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Written by Tricia Bennett

Published by Tricia Bennett for Smashwords

Copyright 2010 Tricia Bennett

This story is entirely a product of my imagination. The characters are fictious, and not intended to be associated with anyone in real life.

No part of this novel may be used in any manner other than for your reading entertainment without the written permission of the author. Please enjoy!

Myles and Myron Culver woke in the dark. It was cold and lacking any light at all. They remembered exactly where they were and were terrified. They had been locked in the impenetrable cellar many times before, but were now cold, weak from hunger and desperate for water.

How long have we been here?” Myles whimpered.

I’m not sure,” Myron answered. “I know it’s been much longer than overnight this time.

I’m scared, Myron. What if he never comes to let us out? We won’t last much longer without food or water.”

Then it’s up to us to get ourselves out. Let’s see if we can find any kind of tool to dig our way out.”

You know there are no tools in here and the entire room is solid brick, even the floor. There is no way out,” Myles insisted. “We’re going to die in here this time.

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