Long Past Time

by Linda Jordan

writing as Annie Cox

2012 Copyright by Linda Jordan/Annie Cox

Published by Metamorphosis Press

Cover photo licensed by Deposit Photos

Photo by lunamarina

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~Long Past Time

~About Annie Cox

Long Past Time

Louisa gripped the coffee mug tightly as she navigated her way through the still unpacked boxes and opened the door to the Combination studio/sunroom/sealed in porch. The roasted scent of coffee wafted up to her nose doing what no aromatherapy could do: comfort, wake up, rich sensual flavor, focus. It mingled with the ever present oils and solvents of her studio. She flipped the fan on.

Clutching the top of her sage colored bathrobe shut, she stared at the easel. There sat her latest painting. A scene of the lake that she’d integrate into the next holo to send out to her subscribers. But it needed a little more work.

Her breath hovered in the air for a moment before dissipating and she shivered from the cold. It was seven and she could see the sun just beginning to rise. Winter would be here soon. She really should shell out some bucks and get the place wired instead of relying on solar, a generator and firewood.

When she fled Seattle last year, just after Elliot died she came here. Chopping wood, raising most of her own produce and solitude had been what she needed then to grieve and heal.

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