Unexpected Contact

by Linda Jordan

writing as Annie Cox

2012 Copyright by Linda Jordan/Annie Cox

Published by Metamorphosis Press

Cover photo licensed by Dreamstine

Photo by Rufous

Smashwords Edition


~Unexpected Contact

~About Annie Cox

Unexpected Contact

Bane stood in the human’s driveway. The garage sale was filled with bargain hunters. Looking for fine china, antique oak furniture and old tools. He found this part of Earth’s culture fascinating. The quest for the old. Was it a search for cultural roots? For a connection with others? For a place in the world? He wondered if they used things as a replacement for other humans.

He certainly felt unconnected here. Alone. But then he was an alien and the only Camassan that he knew of on the planet.

He had found the desired objects varied slightly by country, region, city and even district. In some places newer technology was more desired. In others people sold off last year’s designer holo-shirts or the Unity’s Universal Olympic Games paraphernalia, although most humans were miffed that they never won anymore and refused to buy those. Some people even wanted to buy old computers. What they would use them for, Bane had no idea. Completely obsolete technology.

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