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First Date Ideas: Effective Ways To Give Out An Impressive First Date With The Girl Of Your Dreams!

By Stephen Williams

SmashWords Edition

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This book will help you conquer the heart of your crush on the first date! Nothing says more 'I like you a lot' than trying to do something special for her/him. Nothing! Even the toughest heart would melt at the sight of your putting so much effort into it! Get creative and fun in your dating life NOW. With a couple of good ideas for first dates we have put together in this book, everyone will be at your feet. Because sense of humor is one of the most important dating quality. And added to a bit of craziness, it will result in a date that just got out of a movie script!Yep, dating can be a REALLY fatiguing experience. Sometimes, the bad luck strikes again and again and again (even when they say that lighting doesn't strike twice) and you seem to get an entire collection of 'Hey, let's have dinner sometime' in your 'database'. And sometimes, even if you're OK with not having found someone with whom you would like a relationship, you really want to have some fun at least while dating. After all, the best dates you will remember in a couple of years will not necessary be the ones that ended with you thinking 'She/he might be the one', but those where you laughed and talked and unleash your crazy self. And sometimes, even if you rent a movie, if it's the right one and if you company is good, you can actually have a blast.Are you shy? Or maybe you're just opening up less easily? Is dating an experience you would like to avoid? Think twice and re-organize it all in your mind. Dating is not standing in the spotlight. Dating is socializing with someone you might end up in a real, love relationship. Dating is going out with that person and having fun. Dating should not make you feel stressed out. You've probably got enough stress at work, you don't need to carry that in you personal life. What happened in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas and what happened at the office STAYS at the office.Have you ever wondered how is it that everything looks so perfect in the movies? People meet each other and instantly fall in love, they go in great places or fly to Paris for the first date, they have fabulous first date outfits and their shoes are never uncomfortable. Well, as much as we would like it, we can't offer you the lottery lucky numbers, but we can offer you a set of good ideas to fit you and your date so that everything goes great. Outfits taken out of famous fashion houses and private jet planes will not buy you happiness in the end. But spending time with someone you cherish and care about will!

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