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Copyright by Lindsey Vernon-Lilley

Smashwords edition

Dedicated to my lovely husband Michael and son Leighton.

You mean everything to me.



This story begins in the present day, set in a small village in England called Fairy Land. No one really understood where the village’s mysterious name came from, but there were stories from many years ago passed around by the people who lived there.

Fairy Land is filled with happy people who love life and everything their lives offer . The sea blue sky is always filled with singing birds. The grass is as green as a ripened lime and the air is always filled with laughter as the people who live there go about their everyday lives. Just in front of the villagers houses there is a large hill. At the top of this hill lies the largest castle that you have ever seen. The people of Fairy Land admire the castle with pride. They love their King and Queen who live there because they look after everyone and treat them all with equally. The people in the community especially love King George and Queen Francis’ daughter Isabella and believe she is a very special little girl. The King and Queen were told when they married that they could not have any children and remained childless for many years. Queen Francis longed for a little girl and prayed every day that she would one day hold a little daughter in her arms. One day after praying, Queen Francis discovered that she was expecting a baby. She could hardly contain her excitement when Princess Isabella was born. Princess Isabella (who prefers to be called Isabella) always has been a very pretty, dainty girl with golden blonde hair, pale skin like vanilla and sky blue eyes that glisten. As she grows older her beauty shines even more. Not a day goes by without Princess Isabella singing and dancing around her bedroom happily.

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