Lucas did the same.

The Tragedy of Fidel Castro

By João Cerqueira

NB: This is an excerpt from João Cerqueira’s book, The Tragedy of Fidel Castro. Literary Lunes is publishing this with the author’s permission.  It is a highly ironic tale that satirizes both Communism and Capitalism. The target audiences are readers who like historical and literary fiction and also those who are interested in politics, mainly the Latin community. In brief dramatic changes will happen in Cuba, something like the Arab spring, and all the media will speak about Fidel Castro, his revolution and the future of Cuba.

Because of the European crisis, protesters occupying Wall Street, India and China’s rise and the North Korea's problems, I think this book – which debates Capitalism and Socialism – addresses issues of critical interest in discussions  on the problems of today's world.

I am published in Portugal by Saída de Emergência and represented in Scandinavia by Kontext Agency. I also inform you that the American literary magazine Toad Suck Review #2 published an excerpt of the book. I also received proposals from Green Leaf Books (US), Black Leaf Publishers, Artemis Publishers (UK) and Terra Nova Editores (Puerto Rico).

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