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Street poetry

Bryan Sanders

Copyright 2012 by Bryan Sanders

Smashwords Edition

Chicken soup for the teenage gang-bangers soul

I dreamed for a beach with shadowy cliffs

Carved into the sky

A pillow of red clay

A humming water fall that I never see

One day I’m a child and then suddenly

As quick as a building collapses

I want you to sweat

Slow down to the urgency of an old western movie

I set the house a blaze with the whole family inside

Point the gun at you and kill me first

In the middle of a sandstorm with nothing

to cover my nakedness but a semi automatic

resting across the threshold of my bellybutton

A million cactus needle in my eye

as the wind bleeds into my skin

My tongue castrated by the erosion of endless specs of dust

I’m 15 years old in a mid life crisis

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