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Princess Alleea and the Big Bug

By H. Jason Schulz

Copyright © 2012 H. Jason Schulz

All Rights Reserved

Smashwords Edition

Many years ago and toward the center of our own galaxy there lived a princess named Alleea. Alleea lived on a planet called Forestria because of the beautiful forests that covered the whole planet. It was also the home of her father the Great King Mitar His kingdom included many planets. On these planets there lived all kinds of creatures. There were frog people, cat people and even people made of rocks!

On Forestria the people were very similar to us in the way that they looked. There was one big difference between Forestrians and Earthlings. You see Alleea's people could fly. Not only could they fly, but they could fly right up through space to visit other planets. And they didn't need a spaceship to do it.

I'll tell you a little about Alleea. She was very lovely, she was small but not too small and very dainty. Alleea also had wings! Her wings were like a butterfly's and she had long, soft hair that fell about her shoulders in loose curls. Her voice was sweet and clear and she seemed to charm anyone especially when she laughed. She was a very enchanting young woman. Alleea loved to fly and she did every chance she got.

The boys of Forestria could also fly, but their wings were green and turned gray as they got older. The best game on Forestria was a game called chase. It was played with a ball that when thrown, would shoot off in one direction and then quickly change to another. The object was to be the one who caught it. The boys always played chase.

The animals on Alleea's planet could fly too so for long trips, the people of Forestria took their flying horses and attached the most beautiful carriages to them. Then away through the sky they would fly up, up into space and finally down onto another planet.

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