Secret Mascot

by Lance Edwards

ISBN: 978-1-937831-57-8

A Pink Flamingo Ebook Publication

Copyright © 2012, All rights reserved

Smashwords Edition



Dani Reilly, twenty-one, strides with smug self-possession across the master bedroom we sort of share. I say sort of because outside of times like these she gets the bed while I sleep on the floor in the closet. Except for the multicolored beads adorning the last four inches of her corn-rowed hair – and the big black dildo jutting up from her crotch – Dani is completely naked. Though it’s not fashion-model conventional, the sight of her nude body fills me as always with a desperate yearning. A celebrated college soccer player (and former track star) with a future as a professional athlete ahead of her, breathtaking Dani is exceedingly fit and yet wonderfully feminine, with all her rather atypical attributes combining into an incredibly desirable whole.

At five foot-four she is compact and very well-muscled though not extravagantly so – at least up top. In fact, her upper half is comparatively diminutive. Though her buffed-up arms and shoulders clearly betray all the time she spends in the gym – and the frequency with which she wields a wide variety of implements of discipline – both these and the hard washboard of her belly are offset by her long hair, lovely face and aggressively womanly breasts. Perfectly proportional to the rest of her torso these are high-set and proudly outthrust, firm and curvy and flawlessly symmetrical. The size and shape of goose eggs lying on their sides, I could just fit them into my palms if permitted. Of course I’m not. Perhaps that’s why I find them far more attractive than any ridiculously oversized pair you’d see flaunted on the internet. On those occasions when they’re unavoidably brushed or even crushed against me I go nearly mad with excitement.

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