New Testament Theology of Discipleship,
An Anthology, 4th, Enlarged Edition

Edited by Deborah M. Gill and Tae W. Kang

Copyright 2014 Deborah M. Gill and Tae W. Kang

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Melody Bianchi, Dick Brodgden, Jenny Fernanda Vielma Caceres, Stephen W. Casey, Amy deVries, Montra Estridge, Starla Gooch, Katherine (Scott) Groce, Daniel Guy, Tae W. Kang, Sierra McCabe, Jerry Orf, Julia Ramos, Nikki Revees, Jason Seaman, Laura da Silva, Carrie Stewart, George True, John Ulrick, Cheng (Cara) Zhang, Christopher Zwemer

Cover image:

Pantokrator” (The Almighty [Christ]) from the ancient church, Hagia Sophia (Holy Wisdom), in Istanbul, Turkey (ancient Constantinople), taken by Jan R. Gill, Springfield, MO

Cover design and ebook formatting by Tae W. Kang, Ellicott City, MD

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