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Advance Praise

“Our children are now living in an age where social media is central to their lives. You need to read this book to understand the dangers they face and what you need to do to keep them safe.”

- Steve Young, NFL Hall of Famer and father of 4

“You may think that identity theft can’t happen to your children, or if it does you may believe they are so young it’s not a big deal. This book shows you it is a very big deal, and what you need to do about it.”

- John Lauck, CEO of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

“Joe Mason is an expert in how to prevent child identity theft, and how to recover from it should your child become a victim. If you are a parent you need to learn from him.”

- Brian Hazelgren, philanthropist, best-selling author, father of 6

“Every parent, whether your child is six months, six years, or sixteen, needs to read this book.”

- Amy Lupold Bair,, mother of 2

“As a concerned father of two, I’m ready to join author Joe Mason and say “Enough is enough!” Parents need to stand up to perpetrators of identity theft -- buying, and reading, this book is one way to do just that.”

- Jeff Rosenblum, Producer of The Naked Brand documentary, father of 2

“Wow. I did not realize what a problem child identity theft has become until I read this book. Now I know how the everyday things my kids and I do can make us vulnerable.”

- John Schneider, Actor, CMNH Co-Founder and father of 3

“As a journalist, it’s imperative that we warn parents about child identify theft. As a mother—reading “Bankrupt at Birth” armed me with crucial information to prevent my own child from becoming a victim.”

- Audra Lowe, Host of “The Better Show” and mom

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