Alpha Mike One – Seven To Nine

Bert Marshall

Copyright Bert Marshall 2012

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Alpha Mike One – Seven To Nine by Bert Marshall

Independence Day

My name is David – better known in the nationwide resistance movement as Major David Perkins of Alpha Mike One. We are a commando militia unit in Jackson, Mississippi and part of the Texas Freedom Coalition attempting to retake the United States of America from the Chinese government who has been given our land as payment for unpaid debt. We occupied a National Guard Compound two years ago and are facing possible attacks by a large Chinese force occupying Fort Polk, Louisiana.

Six years ago, the United States government made a secret pact with China to hand over our country’s ownership as payment for massive debt, albeit the average citizen would never know it. Things were to continue as before with elections, business, and pleasure, except everything would be controlled by the Chinese financial leaders. This went very smoothly at first until about six months passed and the Chinese, believing they had a simpler solution released a contagion with the intention of eliminating the population and resistance for a full takeover. The intention was to strike down eighty percent of the US population, then move troops in.

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