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A collection of lactation sex stories

by Ellie Saxx

~~~ A brief taste from “Milk Me, Please!” ~~~

I moaned, low and long and probably louder than I should have. His fingers were hot. And gentle. I watched his face, his expression intent and serious. Then I closed my eyes. The sensations were almost too much to bear. When he circled around, pressing on opposite sides of my nipple and then moving, then pressing, then moving, it was like all the pressure was slowly fading away. My breasts were so full and soft that his fingers almost disappeared into the tender flesh.

My God,” I whispered. I opened my eyes again to watch him work.

Ben stopped his movements, holding his fingers lightly on the dark areola.

Is that okay?” he said.

Yes,” I said. “Definitely yes. You can even press a little harder.”

He moved to the other breast and continued the tender fingertip massage, using just the right amount of pressure. Every time he touched me I felt a jolt from my breast to the back of my head, like there was a tiny highway of nerves connecting the two places. When I closed my eyes, I saw white and red shapes crossing the backs of my eyelids. My legs fell open a little, my dampness quickly turning to wet, wet heat between my legs.

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