Sybil and the Beastmen #1

The Beastman's Bargain


Kali Lowe

Copyright 2012

Smashwords Edition


The Beastman's Bargain

Sybil rose from her lightly scented bath, feeling refreshed and smelling faintly of flowers. She let her pad of soap drop into its wooden container. She pushed her fingers back through her short blonde hair, forcing some of the water out of it, then picked up a large rag and dried herself. She flung the damp rag over to the entrance of the tent, where it might catch the sun for a few minutes.

She stepped into her silks, pulled them up, and tied them in place. Next came the long, wide strip of cloth that she always dreaded. She held a corner of it in place over her breastbone, then, with a sigh, she began the tedious, awkward process of wrapping it around and around herself. Gradually the cloth tightened over her moderately-sized breasts, flattening them against her ribcage. She tucked the final loose end carefully into place.

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