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Breeding The Cheerleader

By Keather Anthony

Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.

Published on Smashwords

The thrills of going to college every day was to see the new football coach, James Connors, managing the team. He was the biggest sensation the school has seen, leading on multiple wins over other schools in the district and it looks like the school might even make it past regionals. I was the cheerleader captain, Jennifer Evans, 25 and I practiced with the cheerleader team alongside the football team at the university. I would spend a portion of my time screaming orders at the team and a majority staring at Connors’ ass.

We were told that we would have to move over closer your practice area due to re-seeding.” I said to Connors, trying to sound a little smart instead of something obvious. “Sure just make sure you ladies don’t get in the way of practice, then we’re fine.” Connors said in response.

I was persistent on getting him to glance at me, even it is only for a few moments, and I would like to also make eye contact with him. I had the cheerleaders jumping up in the air as they rotated their routine, revealing their undergarments. It was attracting attention but not enough. I decided to go up, I purposely did not wear any undergarments, and I was butt nude. I came into rotation and had 4 of the cheerleaders tossing me, giving me the most air. They were in shock when they noticed I had nothing under. Coming down one of my members said, “Why don’t you have your undergarments on? The football coach looked at you! Don’t you know you could be in trouble?” I replied back and said, “Oh really? My bad, I knew this did not feel right. Crap. I really hope I don’t end up with detention.” Of course I was being sarcastic, but I did not want her to know.

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