Wishing Well

By H. Jason Schulz

Copyright © 2012 H. Jason Schulz

All Rights Reserved

Smashwords Edition

“Are you ready to go?” Mary asked as she pulled on her sweater and opened the curtains letting the warm glow of the early morning sunshine into the room.

“Yep.” Gary answered with a sigh. “Let's go.” He was still in bed and it was Saturday and that meant yard sale shopping.

“Come on Gary!” His wife urged. “I don't want to miss the good stuff.”

“Okay.” Gary groaned and reluctantly got out of bed and slowly dressed. Mary stood impatiently jittering.

The couple walked into the garage and Gary pressed the button that sent the garage door climbing noisily overhead. As the lights came on, Gary surveyed the mountain of stuff piled high on either side of the car. He was about to make the well used comment of “We should get rid of some of this stuff.” But having argued about it for so many years to no avail, he decided against it. Gary wasn't a very assertive man and he didn't care too much for confrontation. So he just sighed. They climbed into the car with difficulty and soon were stopped at the first of many yard sales that would occupy the bulk of Gary's Saturday.

“Oooh!” Mary sang out. “Look. A chess board with red and yellow pieces.”

“We have several chess boards.” Gary groaned.

“Yes but not with red and yellow pieces.” Mary insisted as she paid the two dollars and handed Gary the game board..

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