The last two weeks had been difficult, but Jillian was getting stronger and all her tests had come back clear. Life was looking up. Morgan wore a broad smile as he sauntered toward the nurse’s station. When he didn’t see anyone, he strode in the direction of the nurse’s lounge. He started to stick his head in the doorway, but stopped when he heard the nurses talking.

“It’s so hard to keep a smile on my face as if nothing were wrong. She’s so beautiful.”

“Yes, and to think how I envied her fine blonde hair and fair skin,” a second voice added.

“But I sure don't envy her now,” another offered.

The first woman spoke again. “It's so unfair. If only the outcome could be different.” She let out a loud sigh.

“Yes, she’s going to die and there’s nothing anyone can do to save her.” He recognized Nurse Thompson’s voice. “So sad.”

Morgan grabbed his chest as he backed away from the room. His heart raced. Sweat beaded his forehead and his collar tightened against his throat. No, it couldn’t be. His beautiful Jilly wasn’t going to die. Hearing the words he’d been dreading spoken out loud tore at his heart. He couldn't breathe. He had to get away. God help him. He couldn’t stay and watch her die.

When the Vow Breaks

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