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The Girlfriend Game

Tom Torero and Steve Saporro

Copyright 2012 by

Smashwords Edition


Introduction - Why This Book Is So Important

1. Neediness
* Why neediness will always lose
* Can you fake abundance?
* How to cultivate abundance
* Self-belief
* Common mistakes and solutions

2. Romance Before Sex
* Disney romance vs. roMANce
* Why the nice guy finishes last
* Leading
* roMANtic sex
* Is romance dead?

3. Not Knowing What Girls Think About Sex
* Myths about girls and sex
* Sex without the sacred
* Hard sex
* Action steps

4. Male/Female Polarity
* Blurring of the polarity
* Facing your fear
* What is ‘masculine’?
* Action steps

5. Lack Of Action
* Why you're not taking action
* How to change your self-image
* Conjuring instant confidence
* Create a vision
* You're going to die

Bonus: Questions to ask yourself.

Why This Book Is So Important by Anna

Some say school days were the best days of their lives. I feel sorry for them.

There is so much more to learn about the world and so much we weren’t educated about at school.

As a guy, you never understood why the bad boys got the girls.

You could never figure out why she didn’t text you back.

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