I did not have sex with him!” Tori exclaimed as she walked into the office.

Okay. ” Nick followed closely behind. “Do you want to explain why he answered your phone when I called this morning?”

Brenda continued working at her computer and pretended she wasn't listening to her coworkers’ latest argument. Not that it mattered what she did; Nick and Tori hardly paid any attention to her anyway. Of course, neither did Ray, Jack, Linda nor anyone else she worked with in the Action Mattress office.

He…uh…” Tori tried to explain, then let out a heavy sigh. “Oh come on, Nick. When did we ever say we were an exclusive couple? ”

Why anyone would want to be with any other man when they were dating the extremely gorgeous Nick Shelton, Brenda couldn’t comprehend. She was merely a measly, data entry clerk and he was the company's head salesman, so their jobs never required them to work together. But that didn't stop her from fantasizing about him while she keyed in her entries every day.

Forget it, forget everything,” his voice was low but his tone was harsh.

Brenda looked up from her computer screen as curiosity got the best of her. She’d never seen Nick so angry—but angry was better than hurt. Tori Atkins was not worth getting your heart broken over. She was the office's self-centered, pencil thin, artificially-boobed secretary who treated men like dirt.

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