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Book Sample of Why do My Skin Tones Look Lifeless?

Comprehensive troubleshooting guide on portrait painting. Find a beginner’s section on portraiture, as well as the essential pigments to capture skin tones. This is followed by constructive advice on painting eyes, different-coloured hair, noses and remedial techniques. Chapters include, ‘my ethnic skin colours look dirty,’ ‘the eyes on my portrait look like marbles’ and much more. With a step by step demo. 27,000 words and 150 images.

Note: this ebook book is also available in a bundle ebook entitled ‘The Ultimate Oil Painting Solution’ which consists of 3 books: Why do My Clouds Look Like Cotton Wool? Why do My Skin Tones Look Lifeless? and Why do my Ellipses Look Like Doughnuts? at a lower cost per book than if the 3 were purchased singly

Oil Painting Medic

Why do My Skin Tones Look Lifeless?

Plus 25 Solutions to Other Portrait Painting Peeves

Tips and Techniques on Oil Painting Portraits, Mixing Skin Colours, Eyes, Hair and More

Rachel Shirley

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