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Anthony Entertainment. All rights reserved.

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Published by Anthony Entertainment and Pages On Fire Press

ISBN-13: 978-0615681207


Dear God,

I’m writing You this letter because I know that You are wise, compassionate, all knowing, and the one who will understand me. I’m writing to tell You my story, so when I die, which I think will be soon, You will let me into Your house when I come knocking at Your door. I’m a sixteen year old black female from Harlem, which I call Hellem. They call me TKO Dear God, because I enjoy banging mothafuckas until they’re almost out; stunned, battered, bloody, but still conscious, so they know who hit ’em. In boxing that’s a “technical knock out,” so that’s who I am, TKO. I’m a double barrel toting, four blunt smoking a day, let it all hang out in yo and yo Momma’s face gang banger 24/7.

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