The Time For Lies Has Ended:

By: Jesus Villalobos

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Mankind in God’s Image: Christ & the Church

Chapter 2. The Sevenfold Holy Spirit and Church

Chapter 3. Six Thousand years

Chapter 4. A Wheel in a Wheel

Chapter 5. Tithing; The Forgotten Feast

Chapter 6. Was Eve Black?

Chapter 7. Matthew 24 the Key to Revelation




I have hidden the truth like a well hidden treasure. I have spoken in riddles too hard to explain. I have shown you a mystery you won’t understand, till the appointed time comes when I give you a hand. It’s always been there in front of your eyes, but those who have led you have filled you with lies. It’s time for the truth oh don’t you agree, Put on your ears and listen to Me. Stop listening to men who are not Spirit led, and open your hearts to Him whom you’ve wed.

The Savior of all, whom the Father has loved, whom this world has hated, has pushed and has shoved. I think you’ll agree with God and with me, it’s only the truth which makes the blind see. So gather ye round and see what I’ve found, my doctrine is pure and holy and sound. You may not have heard, you may not have seen, but trust what I say, it’s on God that I lean. Why settle for lies half truths with no couth, the time for lies has ended: it’s time for the truth.

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