Tentacle Insemination (Tentacle Breeding)

Published by Cora Adel at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Cora Adel

Tara groaned as she pushed herself into a sitting position from the plush, quilt-top bed that she had just awoken from. She took a few moments to catch her breath and then lurched forward, off of the side of the bed, onto swollen and sore feet and ankles. She put her hand on the small of her back and winced as she leaned back, attempting to stretch the soreness out of the tight muscles.

“Samantha, open blinds.” she commanded wearily as she began to waddle toward the dull grey sliding door that marked the entrance to her bathroom.

“Yes, Tara.” the ship’s AI replied in its stilted, monotone and vaguely female voice. The silver reflective film that covered Tara’s lone window slid away slowly, revealing the millions upon millions of glittering stars around that blinked endlessly in the depths of space. A large red sun - huge and hot, but still light years away - shone brightly into Tara’s room, bathing her and the walls in its deep crimson glow.

As Tara approached, the bathroom door automatically opened automatically with a quiet whisper, and Tara walked inside gingerly as she held the bottom of her huge pregnant belly, eventually settling down on the cold toilet in the corner of the room.

“This pregnancy is going to be the end of me.” Tara complained, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes as she emptied her all-too-small bladder.

“Your vital readings are far above normal, Tara.” Samantha, the all-seeing all-hearing AI droned in response. “The baby and you are perfectly healthy.”

Tara sighed, annoyed. “I know Samantha.” she replied, like all the times before.

Tara touched her engorged breasts, wincing slightly as she squeezed them. They had ballooned up during her strange pregnancy and now heaved over the chest of the drab sleeping tank-top she wore to bed. It wouldn’t be long until they began to produce the much needed milk that her alien baby would feed from, sucking and slurping at the swollen, oversized nipples just as her master had nine months ago. Tara smiled and thought back to that steamy, sexy night, just as she did every day since then; when she was abducted by the strange, handsome alien being with the groping, squirming tentacles that impregnated her, that still made love to her every night to ensure his seed had taken hold.

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