Ocean’s Fury

Adam Santo

Copyright © Adam Santo 2011

Published by Panhandling Fantasy Publishing at Smashwords

This is a work of fiction. Persons, places, and things talked about herein are made up.

I sat in shock.

Fire erupted around me; screaming could be heard from the farthest reaches of the ship. Loudspeakers echoed the captain’s voice to remain calm and proceed to the closest life raft for evacuation. I watched as the sun set low on the horizon, casting shadows deeply across the ship’s deck, making it hard for people see clearly through the smoke.

From the left side of the vessel I could feel the reverberating explosions beneath the ship as massive pockets of smoke-filled bubbles tossed the ship back and forth. Panic and confusion ran amuck with the other passengers; I sat bolted to the chair. Some wandered around holding bloodied towels or shirts to their heads as explosions shot pieces of the engine out of the smokestacks as if they were canons, raining hot metal down on the vulnerable crowds walking along open decks of the pleasure cruise. My trip was falling apart at the seams.

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