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Delivery with a Smile

Megan Derr

Jack was having a shitty day. Granted, it was hardly the worst day of his life; no matter how bad his days got, they did not compare to the parts of his past he avoided thinking about. Still, a bad day was a bad day, and his particularly sucked.

He'd forced so many smiles that day his face was beginning to hurt. All he wanted was for people to understand one basic thing: if a package was to get delivered correctly, it really helped if the address was correct.

None of that mattered at the moment, though, because his next stop on the Home Delivery Route From Hell was always the best part of his week. Mrs. Sweet, who was like the mother he'd never had. Like the sort of mother he'd always thought was made up. He wasn't supposed to hang around or go inside the homes, but he really just did not care. Parking his van at the end of the block, the only place he could find suitable space, he went to the back to find her packages and scanned them out. Just two boxes this go 'round—a large one marked fragile, and a smaller one that was twice as heavy as the big one.

He was always vaguely curious about what everyone bought, especially the ones that freaked out when the package didn't arrive by what they considered on time. But he never asked or prodded, because he knew better from the ones who were more than happy to tell him what they'd ordered. He'd even had a few ask him to try out the new delivery. He couldn't say he'd never been tempted, but he preferred not to borrow trouble.

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