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Abandoned is a work of fiction.

Though actual locations may be mentioned, they are used in a fictitious manner and the events and occurrences were invented in the mind and imagination of the author except for the inclusion of actual historical facts. Similarities of characters or names used within to any person – past, present, or future – are coincidental except where actual historical characters are purposely interwoven.


Dane Marlowe returns to the old homestead where he was happy as a child. Too many drinks attempting to wash away too much grief have taken their toll on his life.

But maybe this will be his refuge, a place to combat the sorrows and get on with his life, to finish the book he is writing as therapy, a book no one will ever read.

Is Dane as abandoned as the old derelict house before him, or does Fate have other plans?

Chapter One

His grandfather's house was a corpse.

Its bleached bones of oak siding were surrounded by tall weeds so that it appeared to be an apparition on some deserted island.

Dane Marlowe felt a tug at his heart and something caught in his throat when he saw it. He shifted his motorcycle into neutral and turned off the ignition. The 350cc Yamaha spat and grunted, then ticked like a watch as the engine cooled and his weight on the seat made the leather creak like an old door opening on a spectral vault.

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