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“Because I have no friends to play with,” hollowed the bear.

“Oh, don’t worry; we’ll be your friend.” Molly soothed.

“What’s your name?” Rosie asked, “As I am Rosie and this is my sister Molly.”

“Grizzly,” replied the bear.

Frome that day onwards, Rosie, Molly and Grizzly became really good friends. Shortly afterwards Grizzly seemed a lot happier until something awful happened to Molly.

It was when Rosie, Molly and Grizzly were playing out in the forest close to the river. Molly had slipped on the mud on the riverbank, and went splash into the water. Rosie and Grizzly didn’t know what to do. Molly couldn’t swim very well. It seemed as if she was now caught in a current.

“Hold onto the log floating towards you,” shouted Rose. “Grizzly, stay here whilst I go and get some help.”

Rosie ran all the way to the log cabin where the woodcutter lived. When she arrived, she gently knocked on the door.

The woodcutter quickly answered it.

“Yes child,” he beamed.

“My sister is drowning in the river,” cried Molly. “Please come and help her.”

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