My Brother, My Soldier Double Pack

by Elise Artez

Copyright 2012 Elise Artez

Smashwords Edition


My Brother, My Soldier 1

My Brother, My Soldier 2

My Brother, My Soldier

I didn’t know what to think when I got the call.

It was six in the evening and I’d just gotten home from work after a long security shift. I was about to scour the pantry for something quick to cook when my cell rang. Seeing my mom’s number wasn’t unusual, but it’d been about a week since she’d called me. Likely just checking in, so I put her on speaker and continued my search.

“Hey, Ma,” I greeted, reaching for a box of pasta.

“Hello, Eric. Are you at home?”

Her voice was hushed and a little shaky but I didn’t think much of it, crossing the small kitchen to grab a pot and fill it with water. “Yeah, I just got home. What’s up?”

“What are you doing?”

I rolled my eyes. “Invited everybody on my floor over. We’re cooking up some opium before we have a massive orgy.” Silence hung on the line and I sighed. “I’m fixing dinner, Mom. What’s this about?”

She’d always been invasive and overprotective but never to the point of asking me about every move I made. And given the fact that she hadn’t even been calling every day, I wondered what could have her suddenly bothering me now.

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