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Chris Turner

Copyright 2012 Chris Turner

Cover Design: Chris Turner

Published by Innersky Books on Smashwords

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This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in these stories are either fictitious or are used fictitiously.

Risgan, the relic-retriever, is in transition. Bold and quick-witted, a treasure-hunter and gambler, he has defeated the nameless isk-rider of Bazuur, a scourge terrorizing the city of late on the back of a gigantic bird. Now he seeks new curios to offset his depleted stores. He currently resides in the company of four roguish allies: Jurna the black-haired journeyman, Moeze the young magician, Kahel, a grim-faced archer, and finally Hape, a dubious vagrant. Tawny-haired and wily, Risgan wears leather breeches, jerkin and high black boots. He guards two well-hidden magic items, unbeknownst to his peers—a dazzling gem blessed with granting of powers of youth or age. Also, a wish bone, traded for an ancient ring at the Zanzuria market. It is said that the device can confer boons by wish alone . . . Through naive handling of the youth talisman, Risgan is currently a decade younger than his real age of forty five.

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