Jay’s Revenge: No Mocking Jay Anymore

Copyright 2012


Latron M

Smashwords Edition

Chapter One

Oh lord, look who's coming,” Laura said, looking over her friend's shoulder.

Jenny turned to see and groaned before looking back at her sorority sisters and making a face. Before she could say anything though, he was there, standing beside them and smiling down at Sarah awkwardly. Suddenly, everyone was staring at her and Sarah was doing all she could to sit there and just take the scrutiny. The other girls were watching her, waiting to see how one of their 'heritage' handled a social outcast like Jay Newman.

She forced a smile and tried to ignore everyone watching her as she looked up, way up, at Jay, “May I help you?”

I..I was just wondering if you'd like to go with me, get some lunch, or something?” Jay fidgeted, looking as uncomfortable under everyone's scrutiny as she felt.

Her sisters were waiting for her answer, the wrong response could get her kicked from Zeta Kappa Pi by the end of the day. So, Sarah did the only thing she felt she could do. She laughed. In his face.

Are you kidding? I Wouldn't be seen in public with you with your ugly clothes and that greasy hair. Get away from me, you creep.”

For a moment he just looked down at her in silence. But, as the snickers around him got louder, Jay turned and walked away with their laughter ringing in his ears.

He didn't see Sarah watching him as she walked away, the brief glimpse of regret in her face before she quickly joined the others in their derisive laughter.

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