The Dark Knight

Kinsey Couture

Snap! Lola jumped from her cage and ran to the doggy door. Oh no he’s following me! Lola thought as Mark the family mutt leaped at her. Lola kicked her back legs and put as much power as she could into every jump, she didn’t want to live in a hunter’s house, in a house where she would have been supper if William wasn’t there, but now William was gone, lost to the past, Lola cringed at the thought. It wasn’t his fault, it wasn’t his fault. Her body hit the door with a thud and she rolled and stumbled, forcing herself back up as she ran, into the woods, far away, away from her fears, away from death, away from danger, she ran, her body shook with exhaustion, but she didn’t quit, then finally, she fell, into sleep, falling hard to the dirt, grass, and roots, far, far, away from her past.

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