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Pebbles and the Myth

As she woke she heard humming, and the sound of mushrooms being picked. “Uuuggh.” A silhouette appeared above her. “Where am I? Is Mark still after me? Am I still alive?”

Well, you’re under a tree, in the woods, and if you’re here either we’re both dead, which I don’t think I am, or we’re both alive, which last time I checked I was, and uh, whose uh, that?” Lola stood up and studied the bunny looking back at her. He was a straight eared bunny (unlike her) who was white with black spots all over. “Oh, yeah, I’m Pebbles,” the so called Pebbles informed.

Oh, I’m Lola, nice to meet you.” Lola looked around at her surroundings and decided, I could live here, this bunny seems pretty friendly, and I could forget about everything and start over. “So you like mushrooms?” Lola motioned towards the pile in the grass. “

Oh, no I was picking them for medicine, for you, I saw you fall, you were in a coma for a long time, I got kinda worried,” he blushed at his kindness.

Oh, why, thank you for being so kind.” Lola replied.

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