Title:   “Do Immortal Human Beings Exist?”

Author:  Preston Dennett

Copyright by Preston Dennett, 2012, All Rights Reserved

(an earlier version of this article originally appeared in Fate Magazine, 2004)

Smashwords Version, 2012

Nonfiction:  Paranormal, New Age, Spirituality





















Do Immortal Human Beings Exist?

By Preston Dennett


In 1997, Jean Calmet of France, the authentically verified oldest person in the world died at the ripe old age of 122.  She smoked cigararettes until age 117, when she finally quit the habit.

Unfortunately, most people will not live so long.  In 1800 the average life expectancy was a mere 27 years.  By 1900 it was only 47. Although the average life expectancy has nearly doubled in the last hundred years, the majority of us living today will still die sometime in our eighties.

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