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Becoming: Knowing What to Do by Finding Who You Are

Becoming: Knowing What to Do by Finding Who You Are

Published by First Love Media

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Ebook Sample (08/29/2012)

Full volume release date: October 15h, 2012

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Printed in the USA

Chapter 1: Reexamining Religion

It has taken longer than I expected to write this, and I know that by the time you read it, there will be so much more to say. One of the hardest things about sharing from my heart about God is that I know from the very beginning that I will not do an adequate job – but I can try. See, God is so…big. His ways are beyond knowing, much less communicable in total accuracy by imperfect people. As much of a big deal we make about the “whole counsel of God,” it’s humbling to admit that none of us really have it. We see through a glass darkly, like a person trying to discern the colors of a rainbow through sunglasses. We see before our eyes all the colors of the spectrum (at least, on this side of life), but we can’t discern or appreciate their full glory unless we remove the sunglasses, and that time hasn’t come yet. We live life with a partial picture of God – and of ourselves.

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