A Decision Based On Love

By Kristy Sawtelle

Copyright 2012 Kristy Sawtelle

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Chapter 1

A single shard of sunshine was just peeking in the curtain when Shari opened her eyes for the first time. She stretched with a long lazy yawn. It felt wonderful to have a good night sleep. Especially on a day like today when she wanted to be full of energy. She was convinced that only those who had spent countless pain filled, sleepless nights could truly appreciate the simple joy of sleeping soundly. Shari woke up slowly, savoring those early morning thoughts and planning her day. She snuggled up against the back of her husband of 35 years. He grunted and pulled the covers up over his head so she kissed him on the back and got out of bed. It always took a few minutes of standing there to adjust to the hip pain. It was worse in the mornings and the first few steps of every day could be excruciating. That's one of the symptoms of severe hip arthritis. Hours of inactivity made joints stiffen up painfully.

After a few minutes of walking around and stretching, her hip joint began to loosen up. The shooting pain lessened. She had felt worse. Perhaps today would be a good day.

Shari knelt by her bed to begin her day with a prayer. Maybe it was because it was something she had done since childhood and maybe because prayers filled with gratitude always reminded her of how much she had to be happy about and started her day off in a positive way. When pain is your constant companion you need to be regularly reminded of the good things. Today especially, Shari was filled with a sense of overwhelming blessings. It was her 55 birthday and she knew that she had packed more joy into her 55 years of life than most people ever got to experience. She had been blessed, and if she wanted the good things to continue she better make sure and acknowledge every one of them.

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