When she peeked up from her prayers her husband Todd was watching her with a slow, lazy grin. “Good morning beautiful,” he whispered, as he patted the bed beside him.

Shari glanced over at the full length mirror on the wall and laughed out loud. How could he possibly call her beautiful? Her short blond hair had more gray than blond and it was sticking up in every direction. She could swear her skin looked wrinklier than it had yesterday and her hot pink baggy pajamas were as flattering as a neon potato sack. Still, Todd made her feel beautiful. He always had. He loved her more now than he had when she was young and pretty, and he told her every day. It wasn't just words either; he acted like he was the luckiest man on earth. Todd was definitely in that prayer of gratitude. Shari climbed back into their king size bed, wrapped her arms around him and snuggled up to his chest.

“When are you going to give me my birthday presents?” she asked

“What? Is it your birthday?” Todd feigned dismay. “I thought maybe now that we're getting older we would just be like those people who ignore birthdays and pretend they didn't happen.”

“Nice try. I am the queen for the day and will be treated as such in every way. If you fail to meet my expectations I will be forced to withhold my affections.”

Todd thought that was hilarious. “You couldn't withhold your affections if your life depended on it. You'd be all over me inside of 12 hours.”

Shari was working on a scathing retort when the vibrating cell phone grabbed her attention. It was just as well. Todd was right. She couldn't keep her hands off of him and they both knew it.

The phone call was her daughter Cami singing the happy birthday song. She finished with a flair that made Shari smile. What her daughter lacked in vocal talent she made up for in enthusiasm.

“Good morning. What are you doing for the day?” Cami asked in her sing song voice.

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